The Chromatical Knowledge Shop

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In 2008 I opened my first e-commerce store with a dodgy un-edited photo of a product, and a manually made PayPal ‘buy’ button below it.
It’s pretty damn cool to be back in the e-comm space again, this time, sharing the knowledge that I’ve gained over those past years.


My whole goal of this marketing shop is to create products with value far beyond your standard eBook (which is why you don’t see any $9.99 prices here). Most generic eBooks tend to be so broad trying to cover everything that the information you really really want only gets a one page look in.

So every product you find here is a big, juicy topic that I know is a head f*&k for many. So I went to town on those topics and created formulas, strategies and methods to make you think, to be inspired, and mostly to gain the knowledge you need to absolutely nail that topic with full confidence.

COMING SOON: How to nail your Instagram bio