Your everyday life Instagram posts AREN’T boring.

Your everyday life Instagram posts AREN’T boring.

Disco balls certainly aren’t boring. Want to know what else isn’t boring? Your every day posts about the things you might find mundane in your business. 😱 I know right?


Packing parcels to post? Yawn.

Getting an angle right on InDesign? Who’d even watch that?

Sewing the hem on a dress? Bore core.

Preparing a document for a client? Um who’s gonna care about that?


Let me tell you who’s going to care about all of those things. Your audience. This is what we LOVE to see. When you don’t include behind the scenes videos and photos, it’s like getting a cake with no icing. And how SH*T is that.


@electric_confetti unboxed their adaptors for their neons the other day in their stories. Adaptors. I watched every single bit of it. Why? Well, I follow them because they’re great, and different to what my behind the scenes life is. So it fascinates me to see what goes on in the lives of the accounts I love. These kinds of posts are my fav things to watch.


You don’t have to be funny, or all dolled up or launching a new product, and it doesn’t have to be perfectly edited or filmed. Just open your camera and film or take a photo wherever you are.


Your every day happenings are interesting to people. Maybe not 50 posts of your dogs or kids a day, but what you actually do to make your biz work is so goooood. We love to see processes of things, love seeing how something comes to life from start to finish and all the work you put into what you do.


The best part is that by doing this is…

A) you’re creating content to remind people you exist.

B) it’s actually usually interesting to peeps which is likely going to increase engagement.

C) you’re giving your brand more value because people aren’t just seeing your end product every time. By seeing all the work and time you put into it, all of a sudden, your peeps understand it’s value.


Thinking of things to post is hard when you’re in a brain fart, but you can always confidently revert back to your day to day grind posts. Just because you’re over doing them, doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t want to see them. 🌸


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