Why are you trying to keep everyone happy?

Why are you trying to keep everyone happy?

Want to know something you can’t do? Keep everyone happy. So why are you trying?

Why are you writing your posts in fear that someone who would never buy your product or book your service won’t take action on what you say?

Why are you holding back your personality incase it doesn’t gel with someone?

Why are you making things to suit every kind of person in the entire world instead of those most likely to buy it?

Why are you sending your ads out into the world in the hope of catching heaps of people instead of a targeting a super targeted audience who you could serve the absolute best?

🛑 Stop trying to keep everyone happy and start trying to keep the people who are most likely to buy your product or book your service happy.

My Dad, ain’t interested in Chromatical marketing services. So there’s no way I’m going to make myself generic in the off-chance he (and others like him) might see what I do and want marketing. I’m not changing my personality for people who aren’t my kinda people!

Instead, I’m going to post pretty rainbow photos like this fabric I spotted the other day, that wouldn’t grab ‘not my kinda people’s’ attention what-so-ever, but would totally grab the attention of my creative and colourful peeps like you guys. Because YOU are who I want to keep happy. Not every person in the world.

Niching down and finding your perfect audience will serve you SO much better, help you make MORE sales (despite targeting fewer people) and grow your business.

So this week, make a plan on how you are going to refine your audience and start targeting those who are your people. Not everyone in the world. Who’s in?

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