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What is Trish Chat?


K, so if you’re a Gary Vee or Pat Flynn fan, you’ll be familiar with these types of calls. They were the inspo behind Trish Chat!

As I was listening to yet another of their calls, I thought heck why not offer my peeps some free marketing help too.


So, once a week (or sometimes maybe more) I’ll be calling an amazing Biz Lady like you, to help with one of your niggling marketing or business questions.

Every single one of my Trish Chats will be recorded, because I’ll be sharing some of them with my Chromatical community in the hope that our chat helps others who might have the same q’s.


So! If you’re super keen on a Trish Chat, jump on my call list. (SO EXCITED can ya tell?)


How can you get on the call list?


All you gotta do is fill out the form below!


Each week I’ll pick someone who has entered and give you a buzz.

There’s no need to enter in every week, I’ll be keeping your deets and answers and going through them each time.


When will I call?


I could call any time, but, to begin I’ll probably call weeknights when most people are likely to be home (I’m so sorry if you’re eating dinner).

Oh, and just a heads up, it’ll be from a private number.


I want to most importantly say that I’m so sorry that I can’t call everyone, and that I can’t put everyone’s call online. But I hope even you still love to listen and learn from all of the Trish Chats that go live.


If you’re keen to hear these real life marketing calls with amazing business owners, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

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