The Hype & Launch Plan

If you’re wanting to build some serious hype around a new product or service, this is for you.

So. You just created a new range/product or a new service. You’re SO excited about it and you want everyone else to be too! Previously you’ve just put up a photo when it’s it’s ready to go, or shared a few stories with a sneak peek and that’s that.


But this time, you want to do things differently. You want to know what possibilities there if you were to do this launch with IMPACT! To have a strategy in place, to get your followers psyched about what you have created and increase those orders from day one.


But HOW???


Ohhh hiii! You’ve now got Chromatical on your side to create you a custom hype and launch strategy that you can use over and over again when you’re leading up to releasing something.


It’s like your own personal magic formula that works only for you because this strategy isn’t generic. It is so good because I heavily research your brand, I go through the monster questionnaire that I’ll send you with a fine tooth comb so I understand the ins and outs of your biz and then I formulate a plan off what would suit you best and what would work if executed effectively.

What does it come with?


  • I do a huge deep dive of your brand to understand where you are sitting in the market and to find the gaps in your current strategy.
  • You take away a detailed calendar like plan that tells you exactly when to do what. Don’t worry, there’s a key that will help explain some of the things you might not be familiar with just yet.
  • I’ll send through the plan so you can digest it all and put together a question list.
  • We then tune into a 20 min phone call to iron out any uncertainty’s or hesitations around what to do.
  • Then…. The fun part. You start building hype and prepare for your launch!!!



Who is this for?


  • This is for product or service based businesses who already have an established customer base (even if it’s small) who are already keen to buy when you share new offerings.
  • It’s for people who want to sell more by building hype and buzz around what you do.
  • People who are ready to invest in their business, take action, do the work involved and kick butt!



Who is this not suitable for?


  • People who want to learn how to market their business and need the fundamentals.
  • Brand new business owners who aren’t yet making many sales.
  • (If you’re one of these, my Whizz Bam your Instagram session is better suited as it teaches you all of the things required to build a strong business)




$895 AUD

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Meet Trish, the marketing whizz behind Chromatical.

Hi, I’m Trish! I’m a passionate creative, marketing specialist, business strategist, entrepreneur, with a seriously ambitious drive to help women discover their self-worth.

In Tash from The Colour Tribe’s words “You’re a living legend, so many people have told me they know you. You’re like a person who’s been around for decades but you’re only 20 years old so I don’t know how this could be. You’re like Benjamin button or something.” #truthbomb… I’m 34. But she’s right! I’ve been business-ing for what feels like forever, and now I get to help you, using every piece of knowledge I’ve gained through my years of entrepreneurship. And HOLY MOLY it’s exciting.

Creating strategies is my jam. I can’t wait to show you what I can do.

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