You’re invited to the funnest

Marketing Event EVER!


Get ready because I’m about to blow your party hats off.

I have not EVER been so excited to share something with you guys.


On Saturday, September the 21st this year,

I’m going to be hosting the very first Chromatical Marketing Party.





Ermagherd, tell me more!


Ya’ll know I teach marketing, and ya’ll know I love colour and fun and doing things a little differently. So I thought, how can I make a day of marketing fun and seriously value-jammed for an amazing group of people? 


And I worked it out. I’m hosting the very first Chromatical Marketing Party where you won’t just learn how to give your Instagram a complete head to toe overhaul so that it doesn’t just LOOK amazing but helps grow your audience, form a strong brand and sell your products & services, but we get to do so in the funnest way possible.


And guess what… You’re ALL invited.


This party isn’t like anything you’ve ever been to before and I want every single person who comes to get so much benefit from it and to have an absolute blast (of course) which is why I have to keep it small. So tickets will be VERY limited.

What will you get?


The biggest and most important part of the day is all about making your Instagram actually work for you. So I’ll be showing you exactly how to make it amazing. Hello overhaul!


If you’ve been umming and arring about doing a session with me, well this marketing party will show you SO many of those incredibly valuable strategies that I teach in my sessions including:

  • How to become a super strong brand
  • How to find and grow your audience,
  • How to create trust and authority in your industry,
  • How to find your brand’s difference so you can SHINE online,
  • How to write an EPIC bio, a bio that tells followers exactly what you do and encourages them to follow,
  • How to sell your products or services without sounding salesy!
  • How on earth to think of creative and new things to post about,
  • How to get people to actually read and engage with your posts instead of just scrolling past.But wait there’s more…

There HAS to be cake right? What’s a party without cake? Ooh and it’s not just ANY old cake, check out that photo!!! Yessss, that’s a Mister Nice Guys cake.


What else??


You’ll learn how to create a cohesive feed – and one of the ways we do that is by knowing how to take and edit your photos so they pop and look profesh…
And what better place to learn about taking photos than at a super fun colorful party.
So, in the name of taking fun bright and colourful photos, there will be old school party food from our childhoods, um fairy bread anyone?

Yessss. All sorts of treats and fun things that you can take photos of.


Together I’ll be showing you exactly how to edit these shots, so that you know your photos will forever be FAB.


Speaking of photos…. Guess which photographer will be coming along to take your headshot?
Mmmhm, the incredible Kate from Urban Safari will be there to take the funnest and most profesh and colourful headshots of you so that your Insta profile piccy is AH-MAZING.
I’ll be emailing you 3 photos of yourself after the party.

YEP! There will be a ‘Headshot Day’ at ma party too! Wooop.

But I want to jazz up these headshots a little…


So I’m organising an amazing backdrop, and of course the place will be decked out in fun things from my pals at Poppies for Grace so that your photos are all kinds of fun.

You’ll also spot some Electric Confetti action on the day because it’s not a party without some neon right?


There will also be PRESENTS!!! Every single person gets their own party gift to keep and unwrap.


Pass the parcel is DEFINITELY on the cards and the winner will score a 2 hour 1 on 1 marketing consult with me.


Plus without a doubt, with just over 2 months to go until September 21st there will be SO much more squeezed in there too.

HOLY MOLY!!! My toes have never twiddled so hard.

How can you score a spot at the Chromatical Marketing Party??


I’m so glad you asked!


TICKETS WILL BE RELEASED WEDNESDAY THE 17th of JULY and will be super limited.


Tickets will be just $595 inc GST


This gets you ALL of those juicy Instagram and marketing learnings, THREE headshots with Urban Safari, and of course, this epic day. Such.Incredible.Value.)


Don’t forget to mark your diaries with SEPTEMBER 21st.


I can’t WAITTTT!!!