The almighty marketing plan

If you know you need to make a marketing plan outside of Instagram… but have no idea what to do. THIS is the almighty plan you need.

Many people don’t have a marketing plan or strategy because there are just too many options…


…You should try Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, SEO (search engine optimisation), branding and voice work, new copywriting, google my business, influencers, photo editing, opt-ins and lead magnets, blogging strategy, podcasts, content marketing, hold an event, YouTube videos, IGTV, LinkedIn, Facebook lives, create an online course, chat bots, drop shipping, PR, automation, newsletters, artificial intelligence, press releases, create products, hold a webinar, get a website facelift, invest in branding photo shoots… just to name a few marketing directions you could go in for business…


And then within each of those marketing directions, a whole other list of options you could focus on are revealed, leaving a HA-UGE load of overwhelm and an even HA-UGE-ER waste of time and budget if you were to unconfidently and potentially unsuccessfully try each of them and hope it’s the right direction for you.


Every time you start thinking about your marketing plans, you’re probs looking a little bit like this am I right?



Great news!! That nervous and uncomfortable face ends now. Woohoo! This is the plan that will give you clarity and confidence on how to grow your business.


Why is it so hard to know what to do?
Because everywhere you read, listen or watch for marketing information, someone is telling you that what they’re talking about is the perfect strategy for you. “You’ll be successful if you focus on your email list.” “You’ll be successful if you run Facebook ads.” “You’ll be successful if you work on your SEO.”

But you know what? They don’t know you from a bar of soap. They’re telling every listener of that podcast or every reader of that article that the method they’re preaching is perfect for eveeeeery single person listening… But there’s no one strategy that fits everyone. God no. What they’re suggesting might be a year or two down the track for you when you’ve nailed other priorities or not suitable to you at all.

This is the plan that shows you what you and you only could be working on next. That shows you the path to take, in priority order, so that you have a marketing plan that works.


Once you get this, you will know exactly where you need to go, where to focus, where to educate yourself, where to invest, and what to do for your marketing.

It’s a bit brilliant… even if I do say so myself.

Who is this for?


  • This is for motivated and driven people who need the direction and clarity without the step by step instructions on how to do it
  • It’s for those ready to take action, who don’t need hand holding, just the bottom line told straight how it is
  • It’s for those who don’t want to muck around trialling and erroring things and wasting time and money
  • It’s for those who are focussing all their energy on one platform and have all their marketing eggs in one basket
  • It’s for those ready to invest in themselves and their business
  • It’s for those ready to get out there and upskill in the topics that I put in your plan, and are ready to ace them
  • It’s for those who don’t have money to pay someone to ‘do it for them’ and know they’d be capable of executing if they just knew what to execute
  • If you’re still reading, it’s quite likely for you!

What exactly do I get?


This is a high-level, well researched, custom list. There’s no fluff, no teaching or how to’s.

I start by sending you a giant questionnaire so I can get to know you and your business goals in detail.

I then enter the research phase by conducting a deep dive of your brand to see where you are sitting in the market and to gain an understanding of the gaps in your current strategy and what you need to implement to move forward.

You leave with a short but detailed priority plan that tells you the order to do what in. Don’t worry, there’s a key that will help explain some of the things you might not be familiar with just yet and a brief example or explanation about how to go about it.

Once the plan is complete, I email it through so you can digest it all and put together your list of questions.

Lastly, we have a 20 min phone call to iron out any uncertainties or hesitations around what to do.


$895 AUD

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