Smash out content when you’re oozing creative flare

Smash out content when you’re oozing creative flare

Want to know what I did about a week ago? Well I’m going to tell you haha (Sadly it wasn’t bingo 😭)


I wrote this post. I also wrote like 5 others! Why am I telling you this? Because I’m not always oozing creative flare. I’m not a never ending stream of content. Sometimes I write a post and think… blerck, that’s DULLER than the beige on the walls of my house.


I leave it. I come back to it when I’m in a buzzy creative streak and I rework it.


The posts you see from the people you love aren’t likely just dropped on the spot. We aren’t walking around like little wit machines munching out doozy posts that make you laugh and cry, or stories that make you feel all the feels. These don’t always come to us naturally on command.


So don’t feel that you have to do this either.


What I have is a note on my phone that is called ‘Ideas for Insta’. Wherever and whenever I get a tiny idea I pop it in there so that when I get in this jazzy copywriting mood, I can jump into my collection of dull notes and start to bring some life to them.


When I get over it, or feel like wandering to the fridge for inspection, it’s cool, because I’ve likely spent an hour or two getting miles ahead of my socials, and writing copy that makes a difference, offers value, has my energy and has the Chromatical vibe!


My socials would be SO no where near as good if I just winged posts when I suddenly thought “Oh crap I have to post something today!” And for a business who generates most of her leads from socials, that wouldn’t be good enough.


So next time you’re feeling good in the copywriting hood. Bust out some posts and pop them in your notes or in a scheduler, ready to go for the week ahead.


Easy peasy!

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