Marketing tips from Dirty Dancing

Marketing tips from Dirty Dancing

This Dirty Dancing quote can be used as the perfect marketing analogy for whatever you do.

“The steps aren’t enough, feel the music”.

You can’t just go through the steps or processes in your marketing strategy, or what you do will still come across clunky, forced and inauthentic, exactly the same as it does in dance. And no one wants to watch that.

When you add that all important feeling and soul to your marketing and business (or dance floor moves), it translates. It really does! It unconsciously feels so much better.
People start to trust what you do so much more easily. People are attracted to you. People feel your energy and fall in love with what you offer. It’s magical.

So start feeling your brand, feeling your marketing, adding feeling to your social media copy, ads, campaigns and website copy.

Add some heart and don’t just follow the marketing steps.

I never thought I’d get to use a Patrick Swayze line in a marketing analogy, but I’m pretty glad I did. #nobodyputsbabyinacorner


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