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Choose your own adventure marketing plan

You’re ready to create or grow your fricking awesome business. Heck yes!


This is where you can build your own custom session that perfectly suits what you need to know for your business. Pick and choose the modules that best suit your needs and where the gaps are in your knowledge.

Each module runs for different lengths of time (between 1-3 hours depending on your skill level and the scale of the subject) and we complete each in one session.


3 MONTHS – Coaching for 5 modules (5 sessions)
6 MONTHS – Coaching for 10 modules (10 sessions)
Price – $250+gst per hour.


We distribute the sessions across a 3 or 6-month period depending how many you’d like to complete, to ensure the strategy moves with you as you grow and as you start to implement the learnings.

The best part?? You don’t need to pay for the lot before we start, just a deposit, and then I’ll invoice you after each session. You can start working towards your business goals quick sticks!

If you’re not sure what modules will best suit your business, jump on a free call and we’ll work out exactly what would suit best for your circumstances and goals.


Pick the sessions below that you’d like to add to your marketing plan.

Goal setting and creating a business/marketing plan – Let’s lay those foundations to a successful business growth strategy.


Branding Nail your dream audience, know their pain points so that you can address them, find a consistent voice, humanise your brand. (Option: Review your brand)


Social media content strategy Create a plan about what to post, when to post it, learn how to create engaging content that your audience wants to see, how to write copy that captivates and encourages them to book or buy. (Option: Review your social media content strategy)


Social media growth strategy Create a strategy to grow your following.


Facebook/Instagram ads Create ads that convert, including creative copy, strategic targeting, understand the pixel. (Option: Review your social media ads strategy)


Google Ads Create strategic ad campaigns that drive leads and sales at a low cost. (Option: Review your Google Ads strategy)


New product/service launch strategy – Make a plan to build hype and get ready to launch something new.


Review your online presence How is your business perceived from an outside perspective? What does your website say about you? What needs to be adjusted?


Business idea workshop What opportunities are there for growth? Where are the gaps in your niche that you could fill? What could you expand on? What other offerings could you create? Together we’ll brainstorm the next steps your business could take.


Email strategy Create a sales funnel that works, form strategies to grow your email list, and know what to say in your email copy. (Option: Review your sales funnel)


SEO Understand what you need to do to improve where you rank in Google search, perform keyword research and create a website content strategy. (Option: Review your website’s SEO)


The 5 step sales processUnderstand how to confidently sell your products or services.


Video – Create a video strategy that offers value, learn how to film and edit a quality video, how to gain the confidence to talk on camera.


Photography – Learn how to take and edit quality photos that showcase your products or services and that reflect your brand. (in person only)


Competitor analysis Understand where you sit in your industry and gain an understanding of what you need to do to remain competitive.

One off strategy sessions


Want the hard work done for you? No problemmo.


The sessions below all include a custom prepared strategy made for your business and a doozy of a session to ensure you are pumped, energised and super motivated to execute it.
These sessions are perfect for those who need a strategy for a specifically targeted area of your business and want a comprehensive and granular long term strategy.


With most sessions, you’ll receive a detailed document that incorporates examples of your own copy, screenshots, and detailed strategies that address the issues outlined in your questionnaire, and from many hours of reviewing your brand.

Check out the super value-jammed, one off sessions below

I Just Want To Borrow Your Brain


Not quite ready a full on session yet, but still want to borrow my brain for a couple of hours to sharp-shoot, troubleshoot, or laser-in on something for your brand? I got you covered.


You know when you’re in a rut and just need someone who ‘gets it’ to chime in? Guess what? This is exactly what this brain borrowing is all about. This 90 min session let’s us dig deep.


10 years ago when I was building my first businesses, if I had someone like me to chat to like this, to help me work through the abundance of ideas circling in my head and to help me create a logical plan for success, then heck things would have been a lot easier. I’d have saved myself so much time, stress and money just winging everything with the great uncertainty that I did.

I'll be Pinky

Whizz Bam Your Instagram


Instagram for business works. But #truthbomb, the world of Instagram is not a “quick-fix” game despite many businesses making promises that it can be. To be successful you need a long term strategy and you need consistency. So when things like ‘removing likes’ or big algorithm changes happen, you’re cool, you’re calm, because you aren’t just playing the game by ear, you have a strategy.


That’s exactly why I don’t offer short term “quick tactic” plans. Whether you’re starting from scratch, stuck at that ‘I gain some followers then lose some and just can’t seem to grow’ stage, or absolutely killing it and ready to make it rain money, then click the button below, read a little more and then let’s Whizz Bam your Instagram!!

Um, yes please

Nail Those Google Ads


Imagine this. Your product is $100. You paid Google $1 for every person who clicked on your ad. An average of 20 people click on your ad before a sale is made. Meaning you made $100 by only spending $20. This my friends, is a great Google Ads campaign. And this, can be something that can truly blow your e-commerce brand out of the park.


Hitting the top of Google organically (without paying for ads) can be competitive, costly and a really slow burn, but by creating a well made Google Ads campaign you will magically appear at the top of search… immediately.


Seriously imagine how many eyes you could get on your brand at the exact time they’re searching for your product or service. Setting up a Google Ads account and learning exactly what you need to manage it successfully is a huge asset to your biz!

Tell me all the things

Take Photos that WOW


Got a question for you. I’ve got two cupcakes sitting on a table and one of them is for you! AND I’m being super generous and letting you have the first pick.


Let me describe them to you. One is perfect. Glistening icing, cute little piped flowers and heck I’m going to chuck some edible glitter on there too because, shiny! The other one got stuck to the box and half of the icing has fallen off but it’ll still taste the same, promise! Which one would you choose? You’d choose the perfect looking one right? That’s because we like pretty things. No, we LOVE pretty things.


Now imagine those cupcakes are you and your competitor. Which cake are you? If your competitor’s photos are perfect, clean, bright, chirpy, fun, and display their product well and yours don’t? This is a huge opportunity for you to make a huge difference to your business.


This session will teach you exactly how to take quality photos AND how to edit them all on your phone.

Click Click

Blog Like a Pro


This one on one session teaches you everything from starting a blog from scratch, to building it up, to finding an audience, to optimising it for Google Search (SEO) to taking gorgeous photographs, to writing headlines and copy that hook in and captivate your readers, to coming up with content ideas, to marketing it through social media.


“Don’t you just write things and post them?” Well, not exactly. In fact, the writing and posting side of blogging is actually only a small part of blogging like a pro. See, posting your blog is one thing, but how on earth do you get people to find it? To subscribe to it, to keep on comin’ back, to reshare your images, to trust you and love what you do enough to then buy your products/services, to consider you an authority in your field?


These are a few of the trickier parts of blogging that when done right, can make blogging a seriously great strategy to your business. Even if you’re keen on building a blog just for fun, in this session you’ll know exactly what to do, and how to do it right from the get-go.

Blog me up buttercup

Turn My Hobby Into a Money-Making Machine


So. You’ve been running your Social Media page for a while. And it’s gaining traction. A lot of traction. And you are starting to think – “Could I potentially turn this into something I can make money from?” You’re getting a few sponsorships and trying to work out things like “Am I charging enough? Is there more to this?” And thinking, “Could I actually make a living out of this?”


Well, let me share the good news. HECK YES YOU CAN!! But this is where a strategy session with someone fluent in monetisation strategies will show you exactly how.


See, many people think that sponsored posts/collabs/partnerships are the only way to monetise your hobby. Gotta break it to you, NO WAY! There are so many more ways than that (and so many better, more lucrative ways). The strategies you’ll learn in this session are structured in a way to not just to make you a healthy income long term, but to also actually help your audience, to offer them more instead of annoying them with constant ads! Running any kind of online brand takes time, energy, money and resources. It just isn’t sustainable to run it for free, and I mean, it doesn’t exactly pay the bills or get you out of your draining full-time job am I right?

Make It Rain

Excited? Yeee.


If you’re still not sure, brace yourself because the testimonials below will blow your socks off.

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“The amount of stuff that I’ve managed to take in in two hours is probably what I’d expect to take in out of a one to two day seminar.”


– Megan Gannon – Show and Tell Vintage

“No one has ever given such a comprehensive overview of our biz like this. Thank you!”


– Natalie Jarvis – Electric Confetti

“I’m so glad I trusted my gut instinct and went with you, because I knew you were my person and that’s been completely confirmed”


– Leaha Riley – Sisu Styling

So you’d do it again for the money etc? “Oh yeah…The price is seriously, what you get for what you’re paying is INCREDIBLE… Incredible. I’d absolutely do it again 2 or 3 times over… for what I get, now that I’ve seen the amount of work and the INSANITY that you’ve given me, it’s awesome it’s awesome!!”


– Leda Akyus – Loud House

‘I’ve got 100% value out of what you’ve given me today – I would 100% pay that again.’


Kitiya Palaskas

‘This is the best money I’ve spent.’



– Marie Schoenmaker – Business consultant for Creatives

“For us, now everything has a purpose.”


– Kelsi – Kaleido Kollection

“If you feel you need more information about your business, about taking new directions it’s definitely worth it.”


– Camilla Cicoria – Camilla Cicoria Art

“I feel like after even my first quarter of a page, I was thinking holy shit like if I just walk away with just that then yeah, I’m done, it’s great.”


– Margeaux Vallantyne – The Distinctive Dame

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