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Ah! My absolute favourite part of what I do. My well-known marketing and strategy sessions.


Below you’ll find four categories filled to the brim with the most comprehensive, value-jammed, and completely custom marketing sessions you’ll find.

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If you’ve just launched a new business and you’re wondering where all of your amazing customers are hiding, or have kinda been winging it for a while in the hope it takes off but it’s not quite there yet… Well… I reckon (nah I know) you’ll find something in here that you’ll LOVE and that will completely change everything for you.

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You’re doing great! Kicking goals but you’re getting a bit stagnant or bored. You need something new. You’re ITCHY for the next big thing but for the life of you you can’t work out what to do. Oooh OR, you have a business that’s doing pretty good and you just got this killer idea that you want to do but you have nooo idea how to make it a reality. Oooh OR you’ve been running a great biz for a while now and it needs a full review and strategy to scale as you’ve kind of winged it the whole time and know you could be doing better. These sessions are filled with the really high value and detailed stuff.

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Sometimes you just need something short and sweet to sharpshoot and troubleshoot your marketing issues and come up with those genius strategies on the spot. OR just someone to keep you accountable and your marketing strategy on track. If you just want to borrow my brain for a couple of hours, or routinely on a regular basis… I’ve got your back! And guess what. These are available to EV-ERY-ONE. Not just if you have your own business, but if you’ve been given the job of managing the marketing where you work (but you’re not a marketer and feel a little stuck), then I can coach you, so you can make your boss the happiest person ever.

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You know those things you need to do that will help your business but you just haven’t got around to it yet? That’s the type of sessions you’ll see here. Find out how to take and edit awesome photos, how to start a ripper of a blog, how to optimise your SEO (coming soon), and how to brief your website designer with everything you need to make a darn awesome website.

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Something not here that you hoped to see? Say hello and let’s create a session especially made for what you need.