Finding your biggest stupidest most bonkers crazy dream.

Finding your biggest stupidest most bonkers crazy dream.

DREAMS. In one of my first videos, I talked about the importance of finding your biggest stupidest most unimaginable bonkers crazy dream.


The dreams I hear from clients vary greatly. Sometimes I’ll pull them up on it because I know that their dream is something that they think is just ‘do-able’ and they’d dream bigger if they believed in themselves more. But sometimes, their biggest dream is the perfect big dream for them even if to others it might appear to be small.


Big dreams don’t have to be ‘big’ in size. Just big to you. And it’s important to not compare or feel less than if you have smaller dreams. I have smaller dreams if I compare it to others, but they’re bloody great big perfect dreams to me.


When I was asked what my biggest stupidest most unimaginable bonkers crazy dream was, I surprised the person who asked, because she expected me to say something HUGE.


I dream of having a little old shop just like this, perhaps an old Milkbar, or something rundown and pokey. Away from traffic and other shops, tucked in a random suburban back street. I’ll have 5 super happy, colourful and passionate team members and we help change the lives of small business owners with our mad marketing ideas.


I could walk you through the entire place and describe it to you exactly from the paint colour to the furniture arrangements to the feeling of walking in the creaky paint chipped door every morning #manifestingtheheckoutofit.


But that’s as big as I want. Things might change but that’s my absolute dream now.


My point is, the key word in “Finding your biggest stupidest most unimaginable bonkers crazy dream.” Is the word “your”. Because it’s about whatever “your” biggest dream is for you.


My dream might not be having the biggest marketing agency in the world or having millions of Insta followers or owning a multi-million dollar investment portfolio. Sure, that’s how some would describe a ‘big crazy dream’. But my dream is perfect. It’s not settling, I haven’t made it smaller to be achievable. It’s where the absolute sunniest dream place is in my mind and when I get there, which I will, I’ll be the happiest Lady in the whole world.

Here’s that vid I mentioned!

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