Frequently Asked Questions

All those niggly questions that you’d love to know.

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What does Chromatical mean?

Chromatical relates to colour, because marketing certainly isn’t black and white, nor should it be. Marketing should be colourful to ensure your business stands out!


You could say Chromatical is that middle spot in marketing. It isn’t an ebook, online course or even a group class, and it’s not a marketing agency.


One is a cheap, cost-effective option that never really works long term, it’s usually too basic or generic to help people understand how it’ll work for their business specifically and many end up still trying everything in hope it’ll stick.


On the other end of the spectrum with an agency, you get no insight or information about what’s going on, and when there are results, your profits are squashed by their monthly fees, and if you decide to leave the agency, you still have no information about what they did and you have to start from scratch again.


Chromatical is that amazing spot in the middle.


Both options definitely serve a purpose for different people. The courses and ebooks for those on a tight budget who have the time to wait and experiment, and the agencies are great for the bigger more established businesses who just want to handball the marketing to someone else to manage so they can get on with the things they’re good at. Like I do with my Tax! However, there’s that middle gap where people need more than a generic eBook, but want to know exactly what to do themselves so there are no monthly fees and because (if you’re anything like me) want to know it all! The why’s the how’s, the what’s! Chromatical is here to show you everything.


The best part though? I don’t just teach generic pre-prepared ‘how to’ classes with heaps of irrelevant information that you don’t need to know. I teach custom classes, I analyse your business or brand and teach you the things you need to action in order to transform your business and manage your marketing yourself.

I can’t see any prices on your website? How much are your sessions?


Do you offer payment plans?

I certainly do! Having been a small business owner for so many years, I totalllllly understand that paying for services like this is a massive deal. A 20% deposit is required on booking. It’s then broken up into two more parts – 40% and 40% which are both required to be paid at least 1 week before our session date. This will all be outlined in our service agreement.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Once we sort out a date, I’ll send through an invoice.


From this invoice, you can click the ‘pay’ button and pay via credit card, debit card or Amex. If you pay via any of these options, the invoice will adjust automatically.

Why do I need marketing?

Any brand or business who wants to grow, make more money and be found by relevant people who will love what they do, needs a marketing strategy. Competing against other businesses who have comprehensive marketing plans means that winging it just won’t cut it.


Every person can’t do every part of their business. Trust me, I’ve tried to do it and I failed miserably. I suck at bookkeeping and tax. Outsourced. I’m good at words but shit my grammar sucks. Outsourced. In time I’ll be outsourcing even more, INCLUDING even looking into hiring my own marketing strategist. Yep. Even as a marketer myself, you have no idea how valuable it is to get a fresh set of eyes on whatever it is that you do. I am SO close to Chromatical. I live and breathe it. I go to sleep working on it, then literally dream about all the things I want to do and wake up constantly making notes in my notepad for the morning, which means that I am missing out on opportunities because I am seeing things from my own perspective only. By working 1 on 1 with a marketer (long term or short term) the insight anyone will get is just invaluable. Life changing.


Insight from a marketer who isn’t a part of your business will find all the holes that you’ve missed. By employing a marketer, they will notice all those little small things that are putting up blocks for potential clients, or missed sales opportunities that you just don’t see because you are so invested and have looked at it for months. Every business needs the support of a marketer. And not just any marketer, one that suits your niche, your objectives and style and who really gets you.


If I’m not the right fit for your brand, that’s great as it means your not the right fit for me. Still, get in touch as I’ll hopefully be able to send you in the direction of another marketer who suits your niche and your goals/dreams better!

So what’s a session like?

Yasss, ok, let’s start from the start!


Most sessions are different but the concept is still the same. They’re completely tailored to suit you.


You’ll find that for most sessions, most of the work happens before our meeting. I’ll send you a comprehensive list of questions about everything to do with your business. Including what you’ve done previously, all the way up to where you want to be. I want to know EVERYTHING including what’s your craziest, most ridiculous dream you could ever think of for your business, as the more insight I have, the better plan I can create.


Once I receive your answers, I begin brainstorming, researching, benchmarking and creating ideas and strategies based on your goals and history, so that everything’s ready to cover in our session. Depending on the session, this can be one massive project that can sometimes take quite a bit of time to create.


I drill down on what is and isn’t working, find those opportunities and make a scalable plan for you to execute.


We then finally get to meet (whoohoo!) and go over ALL the things I’ve found and the strategies I’ve created. Sessions can run anywhere from 1-4 hours to ensure we cover everything including all of your questions along the way. Most importantly, you will receive a copy of all of my strategies to keep, as there’s nothing worse than having a huge information overload and then forgetting everything once the meeting finishes.


All of my sessions are created with the same passion and genuine care that you see me share online. They empower you and give you the knowledge and confidence to know that ‘heck yes I can do this’.

What happens after our session?

I never want you to feel like you’re left on your own after a session. Of course, my objective is for you to gain the knowledge to sail your own ship in one session, which is why I don’t offer retainers, contracts or ANY marketing management services! I also by no means dust off my hands after a session and move on, I get way too involved and passionate about my clients.


This is why many of my sessions come with coaching and mentoring with it. So you have me there afterwards to keep you accountable, to answer all of your questions as you start to action the items from the strategy, and of course as you think of even newer ideas. You’ll find as you learn, your dreams and visions will change. So by having me with you, you know that the strategy can evolve with where you go, and not just stay the same.


If you need more help at any time down the track, I have the option to buy half – one hour-long video call sessions (this service is only available for my previous clients), where we can really deep-dive on any areas you need further help with, or to get stuck into a new idea you have. So you’re definitely nevvver left on your own.

What experience do you have?

Yay, I love this question, but where do I even start?


I’ve done so much in every single direction to do with business and marketing over the past 10 years, which is why I am so genuinely and extremely passionate about what I do. It’s that ‘so much’ that makes my sessions so different than anything you will ever experience.


I proudly didn’t study marketing at University, and I still wouldn’t ever do it. It’s because I’m not trained in the ‘standard’ way to do marketing that my sessions are also not standard. The way my mind works is free and untrained, so the ideas and strategies that I create come from a completely open and creative mind.


It’s important to know that whether you educate yourself through study or educating yourself through experience doesn’t make either less or more educated. Just educated differently. The experience I created for myself is what led me to be headhunted into my role as a full-time Digital Marketing Specialist 3 years ago.


I became a professional Digital Marketing Specialist by working so very hard, by building my own businesses since 2008, creating my own online brands, by marketing myself and others along the way. By winning and failing. By absorbing every piece of information I could from conferences, webinars, podcasts, people, blogs and books.


I’ve managed the marketing for some of Australia’s leading companies in an incredibly broad range of industries. I’ve built three retail stores (one of them online, one on wheels and one bricks and mortar). I’ve written and taught my own course on blogging and social media at Holmesglen, I taught business owners how to make the best use of social media back in 2010 when it wasn’t really known to be used for business yet. I supported small business’ with my business development sessions, and have now been a full-time digital marketing strategist for almost 3 years now, which covers everything in the digital marketing world from Google Ads, Social media strategy and ads, Blogging, SEO, Website optimisations, product development, website design and development project management, and a lotttt more. In my current role, I’m lucky to have the opportunity to work on their TV and Radio commercials.

What’s the difference between a session with Chromatical and buying an eCourse or eBook?

Buying an eCourse or eBook definitely serves a purpose. However, they leave you with unanswered questions. They give you either opinion based information based on the teacher’s experience which might not relate to your brand, which can send you in the wrong direction if you aren’t sure if it’s relevant or not. Or they give you ALL the information and you have to try and guess what is best for you… if, it is best for you.


Because every business is unique, at a different growth level, in a different state with different competitors, prices, website design, voice, personality, social accounts, brand awareness, etc etc. Every element is different, there just isn’t a one size fits all approach to marketing your brand. A custom session means your individual business is reviewed and a strategy is created based on your history, visions, dreams and budget.


Whatever session you choose is unique. Every strategy is tailored to suit you so you leave with no guesswork, no more testing and trialling and waiting to hopefully change your business, you get to START. The money you can save by paying more to get a custom strategy is incredibly valuable and should you action the strategies, you can see a change much quicker than using generic strategies made for a large audience.


You can also be confident that the session you receive isn’t solely based on my own experience alone. I have worked with many Australian brands from a great range of industries, so have a wealth of knowledge up my sleeve that I can use to teach you what you need. There’s no cookie cutter approach here.

What skill levels do you work with?

I work with every skill level. If you’re new to marketing, it defffinitely doesn’t mean you’re going to get a basic session. I’ll just explain everything in a way that might be different from someone who has a lot of marketing knowledge. There might be some things you’ll have to outsource afterwards like website updates that might be too difficult to explain, but everything that needs to happen for your business to grow will be thoroughly explained in your strategy so that you can basically hand over the page to whoever you get to fix the issues and it’ll get done. Even if you’re a beginner, it doesn’t mean you get information for a beginner, because everyone deserves to succeed!


Every session is 100% custom, so no matter what level you’re at, you’re going to gain so much insight into exactly what your brand needs. I’m not the type of marketer who will sit there and talk marketing Jargon at you. Nooo way. I work with any skill level and explain things like a normal human… Because I am.


I’ve worked with people who have never had a blog or Instagram account, so had no understanding of what feeds, hashtags, or what WordPress was. It was amazing to set them up from scratch, give them a wealth of information and examples to use to set them on their way to success. On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve worked with some of Australia’s leading companies creating marketing strategies for them. So there is no need to worry about attending a session. I’ll get to know your skill level in my questionnaire that I send you beforehand so that I can work out the best strategy for you in a way that you completely understand that will see you kicking goals in no time.

Isn’t marketing just tricking people into buying your products or using your services?

No wayyy. Some people have unfortunately ruined marketing for us all by doing dodgy things with it. However, the concept of marketing is simply to get your product in front of people who will most likely like it.


For example: Let’s say Lisa creates an amazing new product but because it’s so new, she’s listed on page 4552 of Google search. Which means she’s unlikely to be found and her business may not succeed. Creating a marketing strategy customised to suit her goals and product, allows businesses with like Lisa’s, to be able to show her products to people who might love it!


If marketing is done well, you are simply communicating about the product, in the way that potential customers need to hear things. This isn’t trickery, sure there’s psychology involved but it’s only to get across the truth about how amazing something is. Not to deceive. There are no long term benefits in marketing something inaccurately. Unless you like nasty Google reviews, refunds, and angry emails? Nahhh, me either.

Marketing is simply highlighting your brand in the way that the right person will understand it best. Done well, you can have a super successful business, not just financially, but with all the good feels. Becuase you’ll have a business that has long-term relationships with customers who love your brand. This is the objective of marketing. Not tricking people.

Where are your sessions held?

There are a few options for our sessions, I run them in my Ringwood based studio in Melbourne, we can meet via a video call, or I can come to you – depending on where you are located, additional costs may apply.

Do you offer group sessions or are they just 1 on 1?

I offer both, however, my sessions are created for just one business at a time. Whether it’s with a team from the same company, or just the business owner it’s always essentially 1 on 1.


I can come to your office and train your team, or someone can come to me.


Unfortunately my sessions don’t cater to group classes from various businesses. I’m all about getting granular and forming custom strategies for my clients as that is what I specialise in. I can recommend The Digital Picnic for workshops and group classes.

Will you manage my marketing?

Unfortunately, I don’t offer management services. My sessions are created to save you from having to pay monthly management fees and to actually give you the insight behind your new marketing strategies instead of you just running blind and hoping that someone else is doing a good job for you. Information is power and if you learn what strategies and processes you need to take to kick butt at what you do and do it? Then my gosh you’ll be so happy.