Everything can be Social Media content! Ev-a-ry-thing.

Everything can be Social Media content! Ev-a-ry-thing.

Everything is content. You just have to look for it.


Here’s my example.


A few weekends ago, I needed a burrito. Needed one. NEEDED. Chris and I were starting a diet the day after (which didn’t happen but that’s another story) and it was all that was in my takeaway addicted mind. BURRITO. I opened the app and went to the burrito shop to order my fav and it was gone. GONE. Tears were close to being shed I swear. I’d hyped myself up so much for that damn burrito and it was (apparently) my ‘last ever opportunity to have one’.


So… I called them 😂 and asked where the eff did the good burrito go??? (I didn’t actually say that).


He said… ‘we don’t sell those anymore but if you want one we have one bag of meat left if you want one.’


I said yes so quickly and did the happiest of happy dances on my way back to Chris to say we got the good burritos 🥳.


Then as I came back to the real world I realised what was said… A bag of meat left? For a fast food outlet to say they had a bag of meat left made me feel weird. I imagined what I shouldn’t. I imagined this big oversized plastic bag of soggy beef that’s been probably packed in there for months preserved only by all the chemicals in it being slopped into a bucket and put into my meal. It removed that clearly made up vision of slow cooked beef carefully loved for 24 hours and sent to the store fresh daily (lol). I mean, it’s not what I ever actually thought of, but when told it was meat in a bag you start to think about your food and after that I wasn’t that upset I wouldn’t have it again.


So how the heck is this a piece of content relevant to my audience and story?


Well. If this post wasn’t about trying to show you how everything an be content, I would have used that story to show you how the words you choose to use, matter to your customers. How you present what you offer makes a difference. You just need one word wrong on your website and it could be interpreted and viewed completely differently and in a poorer light than it should be.


And that’s what my burrito story made me think! I flipped something so unrelated to marketing into a piece of content where I could offer value.


So watch and listen to everything that happens, as you never know what you could take from it! There’s a post in everything.


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