Energy – Your businesses new besty.

Energy – Your businesses new besty.

I love a conference. Like. Love them! Even if they’re riddled in sales pitches 😂 there’s still learning in those.


I get asked by my coaches and the medical peeps in my life what gives me energy. Because for me it’s a pretty important thing to know. As someone coming out of the other side of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, (don’t worry, I’m okay, I’m really really lucky!) finding the things that fill up my energy cup instead of sucking it out of me are really important.

​Business and education are what do that for me. It’s the two things I can (now) do for 10+ hours straight at 100% and still have a zing at the end. Dishes on the other hand…


I’ve always been like that. I’ve always had a huge love of learning. No wait that’s a lie. I haaaated high school and failed year 12. But it’s because I just wasn’t taught how I needed to be taught. When I started learning on my own, in the ways I needed, it opened something huge in me. I all of a sudden loved learning. Business became my addiction because you can’t ever stop learning, so it ticked all of my boxes.


Why I’m sharing this? Seeing this photo of me so very happy at the end of a conference… awake 😂 with a big smile on my face reminds me how damn far I’ve come with my health. And it’s all because I found my energy source. There was a time when there’s no way I could go to any kind of event.


So regardless of whether you’re healthy or going through some stuff, find the energy and it’ll help you do amazing things.


I can’t tell you how much learning this seemingly obvious concept has changed my life, so I hope this post gives you a little fire in your belly and you chase that thing that gives you energy.


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