Whizz Bam Your Instagram!!

Whatever your Instagram goal: ‘Whizz Bam your Instagram’ will get you there!

Instagram for business works. But #truthbomb, the world of Instagram is not a “quick-fix” game (despite many marketers making promises that it can be.)


In order to be successful, you need a long term strategy, you need mad marketing skills and you need consistency.


Whether you’re starting from scratch, stuck at that ‘I gain some followers then lose some and just can’t seem to grow’ stage, or absolutely killing it and ready to make it rain money, then get ready to Whizz Bam your Instagram!!


Every sesh is customised to suit you, your goals and dreams. Whatever they are, I’ll create you an epic-ly amazing Instagram strategy to suit. Whether you want to make Insta a full-time career, or simply build on the hobby you love, I’ll come up with a strategy to get you there. No matter how amazing, big and incredible your dreams are, this sesh is going to change your world! Hold onto your seats.


You can confidently book a session knowing you’re going to get an incredible, comprehensive and customised Instagram strategy and plan that you can use long term. Oh, and you can be confident that there are no dodgy growth tactics here.



How will this session benefit me?


This session is so much more than giving you an Instagram strategy. It will help you become the marketer for your own business.


This session is like the difference between going to a restaurant and eating a meal vs going to the country of origin, cooking the meal with the regions best local chefs and learning all the tips and tricks you personally can take to make this meal for years to come. Plenty of other marketers can cook you an Instagram meal. I want to teach you learn how the marketing and psychology works behind it all so that you can do this for a long time to come.


The reason why my clients absolutely rave about this session is because they go in with the expectation that they’ll leave with a custom Instagram strategy, but what they actually leave with is SO much more. Everything that I dig into can be applied across all areas of your business. What I create for you is taught using Instagram as the main platform, but the information translates to your website, your ads, and your marketing as a whole.


This session is all completely tailored to you, using examples from your business, reworking your own copy, giving tips on optimising your photos, your feed, building out your own brand using your own audience. You learn real marketing skills that can be applied for years to come.

How does it work?


  1. I’ll send through a ha-uge questionnaire about you and your business so I can get to know you.
  2. I get to work, spending hours researching and putting together a custom 70+ page strategy that suits your objectives.
  3. I send you the strategy about a week before we meet so you can go over it multiple times, start executing some of the strategies and put together your list of questions.
  4. We meet! We spend 1-2 hours together going over every element.
  5. You take away your strategy and begin Whizz Bamming your Instagram!



What do we cover?


Oh boy this session is SO incredibly big and valuable. We cover SO much.

  1. Branding
  2. Who is your audience?
  3. What are your audiences pain points?
  4. How to increase engagement
  5. How to get your brand noticed and build that trust
  6. Instagram caption copy
  7. Storytelling
  8. Mastering your Instagram feed
  9. Creating a strong Bio
  10. What to post about
  11. Stories
  12. Selling
  13. Photos and Video
  14. Reviews and Testimonials
  15. Collabs

And, there is even more!

In our session, we go over every topic in the strategy and discuss how your brand specifically can transform your Instagram with these tools.




$1995 AUD

Payment plans available



Do you work with my skill level?


Absolutely! Every session is 100% custom, so no matter what level you’re at, you’re going to gain so much insight. Below I’ve listed examples of what we could be covering at each level, but remember everything is always tailored to suit the direction you want to go!


Ok so you have an Insta and you have a dream, but that path from a – z is a big and blurry. Gotcha. When you’re starting out there’s a LOT to learn. Lots you might not even know there is to learn yet. This session will get your insta on the road to success so you don’t have to waste time feeling your own way and learning from your mistakes. In this session we’ll create your style guide, learn what and what not to post, the importance of editing photos and how to do it well, how to create a cohesive feed, what to do and what not to do on Insta, how to get your first 100 followers, how to use hashtags, how to create a content calendar, how to think of new and fun content to share, how to write engaging captions, how to build your engagement, learn how the algorithm works and how to beat it (without cheating) and that’s just to name a few.


You’d be shocked by the number of msgs and emails I get from people who are in that limbo stage of Insta, where they gain a couple of followers only to lose them the next day. What’s going on? You’ve quickly realised there’s a lot more to it than just posting photos but not sure what to do now. Don’t worry at all. That’s why I do what I do. There is always a way to grow, you just haven’t found it yet. So I’m here to show you exactly what you need to do to transform your account into something extraordinary. This will include ideas you may not have even heard of before, and even if you have, you’ll gain a whole new perspective on how they can be used to directly impact your brand. If you’re ready to turn your account from yucko limbo stage, into something where you see continual growth, this one’s the right session for you.

Money makers

You’re at a stage where Insta is taking up way too much time and you have nothing to show for it. It needs to start paying those bills. Well. I’ve got a secret for you. There are much better ways to make a living off Insta than through paid sponsorships, and #spoileralert it’s actually not on Insta! Insta is the platform you use to market what you will be offering. If you’re thinking ‘Oh but I can’t do anything and I have nothing to offer’. Then you my friend are going to be super mind-blown in our session. Because if you’re at a stage that you can monetise your Insta, then you have mad skills and you have oodles of value that you can make money from. I’ll show you exactly what those opportunities are.

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Hi, I’m Trish! I’m a passionate creative, marketing specialist, business strategist, entrepreneur, with a seriously ambitious drive to help women discover their self-worth.


In Tash from The Colour Tribe’s words “You’re a living legend, so many people have told me they know you. You’re like a person who’s been around for decades but you’re only 20 years old so I don’t know how this could be. You’re like Benjamin button or something.” #truthbomb… I’m 34. But she’s right! I’ve been business-ing for what feels like forever, and now I get to help you, using every piece of knowledge I’ve gained through my years of entrepreneurship. And HOLY MOLY it’s exciting.


Creating strategies is my jam. I can’t wait to show you what I can do.

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