Coworking and workshop space

The creative space of the Eastern ‘Burbs.

Chromatical now offers a space to other creatives in the East. *hallelujah*


Living in Ringwood, I found there were no inspiring spaces to run my business. I had my office at home, but had to separate it, but travelling inner city which wasn’t viable because 1.5 hours in peak hour each way. No thank youuu! So I started my own space.

It’s small compared to co-working spaces you might be familiar with, but it’s happy, it’s inspiring, it’s got internet, tea, and a space where you can get stuck into your business and projects away from home.

There are so many ways you can use the Chromatical space! At the moment it’s limited to when I am in the office, so visits and booking the space is by appointment only. Please do check out my calendar options (coming soon).

Yep, even visits and hot desking need a booking because if I’m in a session I won’t be able to even open the door and say hello! And that’d be horribleeee.



The Chromatical studio is available to hire for intimate workshops.

Copywriting, craft, drawing, creative business coaching, making, teaching and creating of all sorts.

The price for the space is a flat fee depending on your requirements, so please do get in touch and let’s chat about how I can help make your workshop dreams a reality.

The space is completely flexible to suit your needs!

The front room can fit approx 10 people around a common table or split into 3 desk spaces

The middle room can fit 6 people around a common table, or up to 16 chairs lined up for a seminar style talk.



Nab a desk at Chromatical, get those creative juices flowing away from home! Yep, come on in and get stuck into your projects.

Desks can be booked for just $20+gst per day.

If you’re interested, send me a message here and let’s arrange a time for you to view the space and to get inducted.

Once you’re inducted, you’ll have access to the booking calendar to book in your days!



There will be times where I’ll open the whole space up for a Sunday Session!

It’s a day where you can come in and work on your side hustle, away from home in a 3 hour block amongst other creatives. Woohoo!

Jump in my Sunday sessions email list to be notified when these times will be open and you can book!

How much is it? FREE! Yep, for now these sessions will be free. Down the track there might be a small charge to cover costs but this day is and always will be about community.

There are 2 x 3 hours blocks through on the Sunday where you can come and work.

10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm.

This is a heads down bum up day, so please bring your headphones and keep the space quiet so everyone can get in their zones too.

These Sundays were inspired by the incredible Side Project Sessions that I used to attend in Brunswick. I absolutely LOVED the concept and atmosphere and miss being a part of them, so I wanted to offer something to people (including myself) out here in the East. If you are North side, I definitely suggest attending a Side Project Session!



MONDAY – 8am-6pm coworking and workshops

TUESDAY – 8am-6pm coworking and workshops

WEDNESDAY – 8am-6pm coworking and workshops

THURSDAY  – No availability

FRIDAY  – Workshop availability

SATURDAY – Workshop availability

SUNDAY – Workshop availability



Below you can enquire about the Chromatical space however you’d love to use it! Once inducted, you’ll receive a calendar where you can book the time you need.

Subscribe to my special ‘Creative Sunday sessions’ newsletter to be in the loop and be able to book these sessions – Please note – All subscribers go into my regular email list as well.

Let’s chat about coworking baby,

Let’s talk about you and me!



9/29 Jersey Road, Bayswater, VIC 3134

ABN: 23 355 620 827

Postal address: PO Box 4133, Ringwood, VIC 3134