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The most amazing, incredible, testimonials

from some of the loveliest people and businesses I’m chuffed to call clients.

I’m pretty sure I’m the luckiest person in the world to have so many amazing testimonials, and the kindest of words from my clients.


I can’t thank you all enough for your ridiculously heart warming words.


If you have any hesitations about whether what I offer is right for you, spend some time watching these videos from all kinds of incredible business owners, and feel free to book in a free call with me at the bottom of the page. I’d love to share with you a little somethin’ about what I can do to help you and your business be another happy face on this page.

This page is exactly why I do what I do. I can’t wait to keep adding to it.

“The amount of stuff that I’ve managed to take in in two hours is probably what I’d expect to take in out of a one to two day seminar.”


– Megan Gannon – Show and Tell Vintage

So you’d do it again for the money etc? “Oh yeah…The price is seriously, what you get for what you’re paying is INCREDIBLE… Incredible. I’d absolutely do it again 2 or 3 times over… for what I get, now that I’ve seen the amount of work and the INSANITY that you’ve given me, it’s awesome it’s awesome!!”


– Leda Akyus – Loud House

‘I’ve got 100% value out of what you’ve given me today – I would 100% pay that again.’


Kitiya Palaskas

“For us, now everything has a purpose.”


– Kelsi – Kaleido Kollection

‘This is the best money I’ve spent.’




– Marie Schoenmaker – Business consultant for Creatives

“No one has ever given such a comprehensive overview of our biz like this. Thank you!”



– Natalie Jarvis – Electric Confetti

I’m so glad I trusted my gut instinct and went with you, because I knew you were my person and that’s been completely confirmed”


– Leaha Riley – Sisu Styling

“If you feel you need more information about your business, about taking new directions it’s definitely worth it.”


– Camilla Cicoria – Camilla Cicoria Art

“I feel like after even my first quarter of a page, I was thinking holy shit like if I just walk away with just that then yeah, I’m done, it’s great.”


– Margeaux Vallantyne – The Distinctive Dame

Trish is amazing!

She is filled to the brim with wisdom, and tips, and strategy and good feelings.

I came away from our session with excitement and a pep in my step and couldn’t wait to get going with all the new ideas. She is thoughtful and considered whilst being fun and energetic. I highly highly recommend her if you need a powerhouse of marketing in your corner.


Naomi Terese – Fat and Skinny Catering
(Google Review)

Trish is amazing.

She is not only super friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and energetic but her advice and business acumen sets her apart from other marketers.

I would not hesitate to recommend Chromatical and Trish to anyone who is looking for help with their business marketing and strategy.

I’d give more stars if I could!


Rhiannon Campbell – Botanic Box
(Google Review)

Trish was SUCH a wealth of knowledge, something Electric Confetti has not been privy to in its history!

What a one-woman-band she is. I consult the comprehensive marketing bible she compiled regularly… her advice on everything marketing was so helpful, and more importantly PRACTICAL! (not just a bunch of random marketing advice thrown at you that leave you at a loss with how to implement it) It was broken into steps, examples, and recommendations for apps, the lot!

It’s one of the best investments we’ve made as a small biz. Thank you, Trish.


Natalie Jarvis – Electric Confetti 
(Google Review)

I had a marketing brainstorming session with Trish at Chromatical a few weeks ago and it was amazing!


I am still buzzing with all the ideas and notions I got from Trish. During the session we dived into all the small part of my business I did not really know how to handle or what to do with it plus A LOT of parts I haven’t even realised I should think about and take action on. And action is a perfect word, even thought we only did Trish’s “short” session (short as in two hours) I was left with a 5 page action plan & notes!


I can only recommend her services to anyone who might feel a bit unsure of themselves, their business and needs a real positive kick up the bum 🙂 Even though her sessions are designed as one-off’s, I am not excluding using her smarts again in the future – because the motivation and drive I got out from it are just priceless!!


I’d give her a 10 out of 5 if I could!


Christin Haussmann – Earthly Urban Interiors
(Google Review)

Do you think having to read over a 70+ page marketing strategy sounds like a bit of a drag? Well you would be incredibly mistaken as reading over an expertly crafted CHROMATICAL 70+ page, tailored exactly to you, marketing strategy is in fact jump over the moon fantastic; so much so we’ve read over ours thousands of times! Teamed with a 2 hour video session that feels like a Sunday Brunch – a mind blowing, game changing, business building, knowledge gaining Sunday Brunch it is the perfect combination of marketing genius!


We have tried many different marketing strategies and companies, all of which have failed to give us any success. Besides the fact we hardly understood how to implement much of what was given to us, it was never strategies that were suited to small business. This resulted in spending without any return. Finding and connecting with Trish was one of the greatest choices our business has made to date as she has given us SOOO MANY pointers, tips, tricks and strategic changes for us to go forth and implement. And yes, in a non-techy kind of way – a way we were actually excited about and were able to action immediately. We felt she had a great understanding of colourful and quirky small businesses just like ours and from the moment we spoke on the phone, we knew she was going to bring us great things.


We were very low on confidence and drive before our session with Trish however her extensive knowledge teamed with bubbly personality has given us a new sense of belief that we can give it a red hot go! Through our Wham, Bam Instagram (PLUS a little extra) session we have been gifted the tools we need to grow our small business and grow our Kaleido friends! I recall Trish was so excited about beginning on our strategy she said she just couldn’t sleep with all of the ideas flying around in her head. I thought she was a little crazy having marketing ideas keeping her up, however I now understand as she has me so excited about marketing I lie awake too!!


Thank you Trish for your marketing prowess and for being the colourful and amazing person you are! We can’t wait to share with you our achievements!


Kelsi Gaudry – Kaleido Kollection

There’s the gorgeous hair colour and then theres the lovely, talented, hardworking lady Trish! I had a 2 hour Skype session with Trish called “Pick my Brain “ It allowed me to ask as many questions I had about my business. I learned so much in those two hours.

One of the main concepts Trish highlighted for me was brand identity, which I never really thought of before but is so very important. I have been working on this ever since x I have prioritised my goals and left feeling I have a clear vision of what I need to achieve thanks to Trish and her wisdom.

It is so worth investing in yourself and finding council from experts like Trish x


Camilla Cicoria – Camilla Cicoria Art
(Google Review)

Trish helped me market my vintage pin up photography business. Trish was fantastic from the get-go; her initial response to my ‘call for help’ was so positive and supportive and really got me excited that I had found someone who understands the niche industry I was targeting and also how to market for it.


We had a 3 hour intensive meeting the following week and I was blown away with the amount of knowledge she has and the level of detail she went into and also her recommendations for moving forward.


I highly recommend her services; she is extremely knowledgeable, down to earth and very supportive. She knows what she is talking about because she has first hand experience building businesses from the ground up and I trust her guidance and expertise.


Christine Brymner – Christine Brymner Photography

I was so discouraged watching other people’s work get recognised while mine stayed stagnant. Poetry that was I guess, quite average was showing consistent growth, but I had no idea how to take mine to the next level and couldn’t work out what I was doing wrong.


Within 20 minutes of meeting with Trish, I had direction, I was inspired, I understood what I was missing and why there was that difference. We put in place a time based, realistic plan and strategy to build, grow and develop my poetry brand into something actively followed and completely different to anything that was out there already.


She found the gap in the marketplace, personalised it to what my objectives were and even tied other passions I briefly mentioned in general conversation into the concept to make my poetry not just words on paper but an entire concept that I could be extremely passionate about. She worked out the big picture, not just what to post today.


After our meeting she didn’t hesitate to answer any follow up questions I had, and I knew she was rooting for my success.


Thanks Trish you’re brilliant.


Cassie Pearson

Hey Trish! Let’s chat.


Yay! Super exciting. Let’s book in a free 15 min chat together where we can go through all of your marketing goals and see if we’re the perfect marketing match!