#Chromatical Instagram Challenge

What is the Chromatical Instagram Challenge?


This is a monthly Insta photo challenge that absoluuuutely anyone can participate in. From anywhere in the world, from any home, at any photography skill level. The challenge is all about getting all creative, joining a big colourful Insta community, and potentially winning the monthly prize as a bonus.


What do I have to do to join in the fun?


To enter, allll you have to do is: 

  1. Share a photo on Instagram during the month, that fits in with the monthly colour theme
  2. Tag me in your picture or comment @itschromatical
  3. Use the hashtag #chromatical


How does the monthly challenge work?


  • There’s a new colour every month! (I’ll pop the list of colours and months below so you can plan if you’re a planner like me.) So on that month, just share a photo in that colour theme.
  • Through the month I’ll reshare some of my fav shots so get creative!
    Your photos don’t have to be spectacular, they just have to capture your life in colour. Anyone can win! “Best” doesn’t mean the most high-quality impeccably shot image. Best can come in so many forms so anyone’s in it to win it, you just have to enter.
  • Then at the end of the month, I’ll choose and announce the winner and send them the super awesome prize by post, anywhere in the world.


How is it a challenge?


  • The #chromatical insta challenge is a challenge not just to win a prize, but a personal creative challenge.
  • I’ve found that sometimes I forget to look around and take in everything around me, however when I began making photography themes for myself, I noticed I was seeing a lot more of the world around me.
    Instead of looking at my phone on the tram, I was looking out the window for a photo op.
  • So by having a theme to go by every month means that you too can start noticing the things around you that you could share. The everyday coffee cup all of a sudden could be a cool photo because it’s blue! Themes do amazing things.
  • Plus having that creative outlet is soooo goooood.
  • Andddd, sharing is awesome. Being a part of a sharing group feels so inclusive and spesh as everyone gets involved and looks at other peoples images and you’re always inspired. You can also discover other Instagrammers who like the same types of things as you too. It’s just all round fun. The prize is just a small bonus in the scheme of things.


What sort of photos can I post?


Oh gosh, anything at all that suits the theme colour!

Some examples people have begun sharing with the blue theme are:

Plants in old blue mugs, the sky, 1960’s blue VW beetle, blue buildings, a lap photo featuring a blue skirt, blueberries on a plate, watching a band play with a blue backdrop, a blue arrow painted on a wall, their lounge room with a blue sofa and vase, a family day at by the beach, a blue bus stop, the tv screen with a lady wearing blue.

You get the idea, it can be absolutely anything!
Jump on over and check out the hashtag to get more inspo. No photo is wrong. 


Are there any rules?


To be eligible to win, you must:

  • Create original images specifically for the competition (i.e. no hashtagging old photos) 
  • Have posted your photo within the month allocated to that colour.
  • Tag both @itschromatical and #chromatical in the post.
  • PS: Post as many times as you like… different photos of course. 

My decision of the winning photo is final and based on many contributing factors, and I may collab with a prize sponsor to come up with the winner. One person’s idea of a winning post won’t be the same as the next so my judgement is final. 


Who can take part?


I really encourage everyone and anyone from anywhere in the world to join in and give it a go. Enjoy, have fun, learn from and be inspired by others’ images and let’s get social by meeting new pals on a social network woo!!

The only boo part is that unfortunately, I won’t be able to see your colourful Chromatical photos if your account is private sorrrry 😢.


What are the colours?


November: Blue

December: Red

January: Yellow

February: Pink

March: Teal/Aqua

April: Orange

May: Navy

June: Coral

July: Magenta

August: Grey

September: Green

October: Purple



If you’re interested in sponsoring the #chromatical monthly challenge with a prize (that can be shipped worldwide or sent electronically) Or have any questions/suggestions? Please do get in touch.