Chromatical Club Members

What makes the club, is the members. 




Everyone you talk to about Chromatical Club will say it’s
the people in it that make it the special place it is.


I sent out a feedback form asking what members what they liked most about the club:




“The peeps! And the generosity”

“The people in there, and thus the knowledge available”

“The people that are there really want to be there. And it’s a great bunch of people”

“Instant feedback. I don’t need to have ideas swirling around in my head for ages before talking to someone about them. It’s tricky as a sole trader to find the right kind of people to bounce ideas off. It’s really helpful!”

“Apart from having access to a great ‘brains trust’ (even when I haven’t participated in any conversations yet) I would say it makes me happy seeing some like-minded people helping each other out.”

“It’s a very warm, friendly group of peeps where you can get extremely knowledgeable, practical and specific advice on questions for your small business.”

Below you’ll find the range of members in Chromatical Club who are in there, offering their advice just as much as they are getting inspired, upskilled, supported and helped with their businesses is vast.

From brand new businesses working from home, right through to larger small businesses with a premises. All bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the club.

I wanted to showcase these marvelous people because I’m SO proud to call them club members, but also so that you can be sure that what you’re joining is filled with absolute treasure (the people just as much as the support).