“Ads don’t work!”

“Ads don’t work!”

‘Ads don’t work’ is a phrase I hear so often that it was the reason I created a one on one session to show you how blooming amazing they can be.


‘Ads don’t work’ is kind of like me saying, ‘That recipe is vom’. When really it’s not vom, I just didn’t know what I was doing when I made it and kinda buggered it up. It’s not that the recipe is vom, or that ads don’t work, it’s the fact that I’m not a Masterchef, and some people aren’t marketing whizzes.

​The good news is, you totally can be a Google Ads whizz! (Not sure about me being a Masterchef though, I realllllllly am rubbish at cooking. #evermadeacuppasoupexplodeihave)


Both cooking and marketing take knowledge, experience and skill to master. They aren’t as easy as having a crack and hoping for the best, because that’s when 100%, ‘Ads don’t work’ and you’ll waste a sh*t tonne of cash to realise it.


Everyone CAN do ads (that work, and work well), but you need to know how. There is a LOT of strategy that goes into such a detailed platform. It’s far beyond putting in some keywords, writing an ad or two and watching the sales or bookings role in. If it were that easy I certainly wouldn’t have a job.


There are a LOT of layers and levers to pull, and by pulling multiple leavers all at once you can create some epic marketing wizardry. But you’ve got to know how.


It’s worth learning because GEE WHIZZ! If you have a killer Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaign, you can be un-flipping-stoppable.


If you’ve been burned by ads before, give them another crack after educating yourself or getting help from a professional.


I do have a session called ‘Nail your Google Ads’ will teach you one on one, exactly how to set up your own ad campaigns properly for your own business. We’ll come up with custom targeting strategies and ad copy that will excite the people searching for what you offer, and I’ll go through allllll those levers you can pull to create epic ads and campaigns confidently in the future. And, we’ll create all of this to suit the marketing budget you have.


By the end you’ll have your own account set up and ready to roll, with the knowledge you need to manage it in the future. Amazing right? YESSS.


Don’t give up on those ads, they really can be amazing.


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