About Me

Hiii, I’m Trish, and I’m no ordinary marketer.

I’m a full time ‘Digital Marketing Specialist’ which to me sounds way too formal, so I prefer to call myself a Marketing Unicorn because there aren’t many of me kicking about. #humblebrag

What I’ve found in my 10+ years of marketing both my own and other’s businesses, is that what people want more than anything, is more time to do what they love. However, when people start their own business, they find they can’t do as much of what they love.

Why? Because they’re no longer an artist, an editor, an illustrator, a fashion designer, a ceramicist, a shop owner.

They’re a marketer. And that’s not usually what they signed up for.


At the end of the day, you can paint, you can illustrate, you can create fashion, ceramics or own a shop, but if you can’t market it well, you don’t get the customers you need to make it the business you dreamed. And I get it. It sucks to have to most of your time doing the parts of the business you like the least, just to make ends meet.


So I found a gap in the market. A gap that I can’t believe exists and one that I am SO EXCITED to be able to fill. I want businesses to get back to doing the parts of biz that they love, rather than guessing their way through the parts they don’t. And I’ve found the way.


There are two known ways to market a business. The DIY guesswork side that takes way too long to see any noticeable changes because people have to try all different ideas to see what sticks. And even then, because they aren’t experienced marketers, they can’t spot all of the opportunities that could see them scaling their business a million times quicker than if they didn’t. This option results in most ending up just sticking to the basics and chugging along slowly.

And then there’s Marketing Agencies, where people pay monthly fees to manage their businesses marketing for them.

One option is affordable, but people lose money and a scary amount of time in the long run because they were trying to find their way in the dark. The other option can easily cost thousands of dollars per month for management. So I found that sweet spot right in the middle.


I created sessions that offer one-off, custom strategies made for you. Made just for you! No two sessions are alike because no two businesses are alike! You still have to do the marketing yourself, but, because you’re given your very own marketing roadmap completely customised to your business, to your dreams/goals, to your history, to your strengths and weaknesses, to compete with your competitors, to suit your budget, and that works with your product/service, there’s no guesswork! Instead, you get to fast track your way to the dreams you knew were possible, and have way more time to focus on the parts of the business you love, all because your marketing plan is sorted.


As a creative myself, all I want to do is spend time on the parts of the business I love and the parts that I know I’m strongest in, so I know the value of getting help in the areas that I need.

My sessions give you the confidence to run your marketing with no barriers, to maximise your marketing power, and to do so without ANY stress or guesswork. Which means you don’t just make more money, you get your time back to put back into your business.


I am SO proud that I can offer these sessions because I wholeheartedly know, that marketing is what makes a business succeed or fail. I’m also so proud that what I offer empowers brands, and women in ways that literally change lives. This is a huge life goal tick for me.

A last little note: A Chromatical session is never an expense, it’s an investment into growth and will always offer a return on your investment. So never fear it. Instead be super, mega, ridiculously pumped for it!

Are you excited yet? Hooray! Click that button & see what marketing magic we can create.

Oh, you’re still here? Well here are 8 facts not many people know about me.


I could rabbit on about marketing all day but sometimes it’s nice to get to know who you’ll be working with on a more personal level. So here’s a little bit about me… I’ll try and nutshell it.

I’m 33 years old, I'm a dog mama to Harriet the Greyhound and Winnie the Whippet.

I’m completely addicted to colour in all almost every part of my life and a huggge part of that is in my home. That’s where I get creative (as you may have noticed on my Instagram account).

Photography is my passion outside of business. Other than food and sleep of course. Both equally as delicious. Oh, I’m also super passionate about local design, Australian art, and items with a history or a story.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since primary school and just never stopped. I’ve always created businesses and fought for success in them. I can't ever imagine stopping dreaming of big things.

I’m a wannabe plant mama but still really struggling to understand how to keep them alive. But I’m getting better. Usually.

If you spot me without headphones on it’s a miracle. I am constantly consuming information wherever I am. Podcasts are an incredibbbbly huge and inspiring part of my life. If you want any suggestions feel free to ask or share your favourites too.

Chris is my amazing and supportive boyf, who suffers through my constant sooking about being banned from hot chips. Lousy diet. Not a fan at all. But health wins right?

I grew up in the country and Chris and I can't wait to buy a piece of land in the sticks to build a little shack on and get a pet cow. Not kidding. I've wanted one since I was a kid but Santa never delivered the goods. I love the country so much.

That’s about it really. Nutshelled of course!

ABN: 23 355 620 827
Address: PO Box 4133, Ringwood, Victoria, 3134