About Me

Hiii, I’m Trish, and I’m no ordinary marketer.

You know those times where you wish there was a middle option? Something that wasn’t either really small or really big? Frustrating right?

Like, say you want a treat after dinner (who doesn’t!) You don’t want to have to dig out the cookbooks and start baking something, but you also don’t want to go to a 5 star restaurant for a sit down dessert that will probs cost you an arm and a leg for a teeny fancy cake either! You want something made FOR you that all you have to do is eat. #iloveafoodanalogy


That’s how I feel about marketing services.


I’ve had my own businesses and side hustles since 2008, and when it came to getting help for them, I always found it was either the baking style (learn it yourself marketing) or the 5-star restaurant (agency management) scenario. There wasn’t ever that easy and valuable way to get help for my business.


Everything available was either going to take me forever to learn and ‘bake’ by myself or was going to cost me a crazy amount in monthly management fees having someone else do it for me – which as a small business, I just couldn’t do.


I took the ‘baking’ route. I taught myself every.single.day for years what I had to do to make my businesses become one of the best. I consumed information constantly. I studied SEO, I tried and tested ads. I learned all about WordPress, website building, design, brand building, social media, the works. I even ended up teaching what I learned through courses in Swinburne and in another side hustle of mine. I became a marketer because there was no one out there to help me market myself.


Fast track to much later. After my couple of years working as a marketing specialist in a digital marketing agency, it was confirmed exactly how inaccessible marketing services were for small businesses, the one-man bands, the startups, the creatives, and the people just literally sticking their toes in the water and dabbling in a side hustle.


Agencies don’t want a bar of them. “They’re high risk, there’s no money in it, they’re more trouble than they’re worth” was the standard assumption.


I really latched onto the idea of creating some sort of marketing support that was accessible (and that had a high impact and actually worked) for people who are like me back when I was a small business. Because that baking route took me years! I know that people like you who are in small business don’t have 3+ years to wait for your business to start working while you trial and test marketing strategies!


This is the gap that I knew needed to be filled, and this is precisely what Chromatical all about.


It’s my mission to help small businesses do BIG things. To set you up for success, to offer that support, clarity, knowledge, experience, guidance, inspiration, strategies, and the genuine kindness and care that you need to succeed.


I don’t manage your marketing, instead I show you exactly what levers you need to pull to make your business GREAT in one on one sessions tailored to you.


Can I just say how fricking rewarding is it do get to do this every single day? There’s no measure at all. I get to do great things for really great people who deserve to succeed and my heart explodes every time a session is over and I see the impact it’s made. I can’t wait to do the same for you.

Are you excited yet? Hooray! Click that button & see what marketing magic we can create.

ABN: 23 355 620 827
Address: PO Box 4133, Ringwood, Victoria, 3134